DeCroux takes great pride in providing seamless support to IT/Software Departments! We provide software management and talent to help a company complete its software back logs…from helping coordinate to assigning professionals to your software projects, across the United States and the world! Our clients sleep better at night because they know their back log is being attended to 24/7!

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Key Elements in the


It is very important that David Lee and DeCroux ensure that Business Management Leadership work and manage together: a partnership between a Managerial Leader, IT Leader and DeCroux to see that:


      • The Big Picture Map is converted into a well-functioning Software Schematic
      • Milestones are established and are easily understood by Management and IT as well as the outside resources
      • Timely Status/Production Meetings
      • Throughout the process, the focus must remain on primary features, not on “all the features”
      • Adjustments and Modifications must be developed and agreed to
      • Deadlines followed
      • Scope Creep is minimized
      • No Surprises!
      • “IT/Development” remains in the real world!


Several Cardinal Rules

      • At the expense of original expectations, it must be understood that achieving the deadline is critical, even if the project completion reflects less than original, anticipated features
      • Less important features may need to be deleted (and added back later)
      • Minor bugs may need to be ignored (and repaired later)
      • Over time, the completed project will be modified and “made better”